Spread the word about Lifeline

Help us raise awareness of Lifeline so that more people in Northern Ireland know about Lifeline and where they can turn to for support.

Whether you are an individual, a group or an organisation, you can help us share our simple message. 

Please share our #LifelineNI materials to raise awareness that Lifeline’s counsellors are here 24/7 to help anyone struggling to cope in Northern Ireland.

'Talking really helps’ suicide prevention campaign

The Public Health Agency’s ‘Talking really helps’ suicide prevention campaign encourages openness and talking in relation to feelings of anxiety, distress or crisis. The campaign aims to increase help seeking behaviour and promotes calling Lifeline on 0808 808 8000 for support. 

For more information, see the communications toolkit. Campaign assets, which you are encouraged to share, are available at pha.site/TalkingReallyHelps

Display Lifeline posters and leaflets

Promoting Lifeline in your local community, organisation or workplace will help us increase awareness about Lifeline. 

You can download, print and display posters and leaflets to help spread the word about Lifeline. 

You are not alone

Promote Lifeline in other languages

Information on Lifeline has been translated into 20 languages. You can listen and share the video in your language by selecting it below. 

The Lifeline promotional message was translated by Diversity NI through the Public Health Agency’s contract with Newry Mourne Down District Council Health Inequality Division.

  • Polish

  • Arabic

  • Lithuanian

  • Romanian

  • Bulgarian

  • Tetum

  • Portuguese

  • Slovak

  • Russian

  • Mandarin

  • Hungarian

  • Cantonese

  • Latvian

  • Somali

  • Bengali

  • Farsi

  • Czech

  • Turkish

  • Urdu

  • Spanish

Lifeline facts and figures

  • Lifeline is a 24/7 service
  • Lifeline employees 53 counsellors who answer calls to the helpline. 
  • On average Lifeline receives a call every 11 minutes
  • Lifeline receives about 4,000 calls every month
  • In 21/22 Lifeline received more calls from females than males
  • A greater proportion of calls were received from 20-29 year olds in 21/22
  • 87% of clients reported being satisfied with the support received through the helpline
  • 91% of clients reported being satisfied with the support received through short-term counselling
Last updated:
20 January 2023