Spread the word about Lifeline

Help us raise awareness of Lifeline so that more people in Northern Ireland know about Lifeline and where they can turn to for support.

Whether you are an individual, a group or an organisation, you can help us share our simple message. 

Please share our #LifelineNI materials to raise awareness that Lifeline’s counsellors are here 24/7 to help anyone struggling to cope in Northern Ireland.

Display Lifeline posters and leaflets

Promoting Lifeline in your local community, organisation or workplace will help us increase awareness about Lifeline. 

You can download, print and display posters and leaflets to help spread the word about Lifeline. 

You are not alone

Promote Lifeline on social media

You can create your own posts using the videos or images below and our ‘Suggested words for social media posts’. Downloading of videos is only possible via desktop computer. You can share videos to Facebook and Twitter on mobile phone via Vimeo.

Suggested words for Lifeline social media posts

Videos for Snapchat and Instagram

  • 'Talking really helps' texting video

  • 'Talking really helps' signs to call Lifeline video.mp4

Videos for Facebook, Instagram and Twitter

  • 'Talking really helps' 15s male -1x1.mp4

  • 'Talking really helps' 15s female -1x1

  • Lifeline counsellor video cutdown - calls - 1x1.mp4

  • Lifeline counsellor video cutdown - not a burden - 1x1.mp4

  • Lifeline counsellor video cutdown - things can get better - 1x1

Images for Facebook, Instagram and Twitter

Last updated:
19 April 2023