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What services are offered through Lifeline?

When you call Lifeline you can speak to a qualified and experienced counsellor who will listen to you and give you the help and support you need, in confidence.

lifeline servicesFollow-up support services for people of all ages are also available through Lifeline. A Lifeline counsellor will help you to identify what type of support will meet your individual needs. This may include helping you to get support or services from a GP, health visitor, social worker, psychiatrist, youth worker, teacher, clergy, family, friends or the emergency services.


Counselling provides a regular time to discuss the problems you have in detail with a counsellor. Your counsellor will help you find solutions or options to help you move forward and with what is happening in your life. It's often a relief to talk openly to someone you don't know about your problems in confidence.

You can find out more about the full range of services offered by calling Lifeline on 0808 808 8000 and speaking to one of the trained counsellors.