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Is the Lifeline helpline a confidential service?

When you call Lifeline you will speak to a counsellor who will listen to you and give you help and support. You can remain completely anonymous if you want to. It is entirely your choice whether or not to share your personal details with a Lifeline counsellor.

mobile userIf you do provide your personal details then Lifeline can offer you more help, support and services. Click here to find out more about the type of services offered through Lifeline. Before you share your personal contact details the Lifeline counsellor will explain how this information will be handled.

The Lifeline counsellor may decide that sharing some information outside of Lifeline is necessary because you are (or someone you know is) at serious risk of harm. In this situation the Lifeline counsellor will discuss this with you in the hope that you can agree to share your personal details with support services outside of Lifeline.

In some exceptional circumstances, a Lifeline counsellor may make the decision to share information outside of the Lifeline service without the consent (but with the knowledge) of the caller in order to protect life. For example, Lifeline may share your personal details with emergency services by calling an ambulance in order to save your life.

Remember, you can remain completely anonymous and talk with a Lifeline counsellor, without giving your details, if you wish.